Solar energy system

A- Solar Water heating :


1- Domestic Hot Water DHW ,we design complete system for water heating based on an international standards and we supply, installation and supervision for two types :

ــ  Thermosiphon type:  used in palaces and villas .







ــ  Forced type:  used in hotels ,GYM and commercial building .








2- Swimming pools we design pool solar heater with all components and control for
two types:


 ــ Big swimming pools:

used glazed flat solar collectors in GYM and hotels pools .(Big Pool)


ــ Small swimming pools:

used high density poly ethaline (HDPE) in Palaces pools. ( Small pool)



B- Photo Voltaic system:

Making full design for photo voltaic system and supply, installation and
supervision of the work in housing and commercial buildings. (PV)